Sunday, August 31, 2008

This isn't funny, but you have to laugh

I'm flying out tomorrow to Nicaragua for a last minute work trip, while keeping a wary eye on Hanna off our coast. Praying for people in Louisiana that Gustav doesn't wallop them, and that everyone stays safe.

Hoping I can return to the New Orleans I love, and things will be the same.

Anyway, the laugh comes from this... the sheer unpredictability of storms during this time of year. I'm wary of Hanna but I just saw the projected pathway.

Here's my schedule: Fly to Nicaragua tomorrow, fly home late Friday, have one day at home with DH, and then on Sunday, flying up to...

Where it looks like Hanna may end up. HA!

Maybe Hanna is giving me the gimlet eye. "Bonnie, you can fly all over the damn place, but I will find you!"

I'm leaving a week from today to have a mini writing retreat alone, so I can write the book due in October. Hurricanes and all, I still have a deadline.

Maybe I should retitle the book from DEADLY TOUCH to Ha Ha Hanna. LOL.

Stay safe everyone on the gulf coast, Louisiana and my beloved New Orleans. I'll keep you in my prayers. I"m going offline and not blogging for a while.

Until later, here's to TOURIST SEASON instead of HURRICANE SEASON!

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Gillian Layne said...

Be safe, good luck!