Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Orleans

No, this isn't Hurricane Gustav. It's Katrina, three years ago this week as it approached the coastline. Katrina, that killed thousands. It's on a similiar track as Gustav.

This is the blog post I wrote three years ago.

"Katrina is a cat. 5 and heading for the Gulf coast. 160 mph. Predictable, with the warm waters stirring it up. But absolutely freaking scary. I saw what happened to Dade county after Andrew. Flattened like a pancake. Nothing left, no trees, roofs ripped off. A bunch of us went down there to help out afterward and it was like someone dumped a bomb on the region. But this is worse. Katrina is a bigger storm and the rain it will dump... the flooding... people south of me are still bailing out from when Katrina hit us. And if it hits New Orleans... o.m.g. Those poor people. I hope and pray they can all get out... or at least can reach higher ground. I love New Orleans. What a city. Hot and mellow jazz, the smooth, cool slide of a hurricane down your throat, terrific food...Will all that just be memories?"

How terrible I am thinking the same now? Heather Graham's conference was this weekend in New Orleans. Heather always puts on a great conference. In fact, her first conference the year after Katrina, I got the idea for ENEMY LOVER. I was roaming through Bourbon Street with Kathy Love and Erin McCarthy, bar hopping, and got this flash of inspiration about a werewolf slow dancing with his destined mate, the woman who tried to kill them.

Maybe I saw a big, muscled and hairy guy that night slow dancing with a woman who looked like she wanted to kill him, lol. I don't remember. I do remember loving that time I spent there, and being so happy to be in New Orleans.

I love that city. I set ENEMY LOVER, my November Nocturne, in the French Quarter. I'm heartsick at the idea of another hurricane masticating through the Gulf Coast and flooding that city, and others.

All we can do is pray and wait, and hope everyone prepares for the worst, and hope for the best.

I'm sick today... had to go to the clinic to get last minute meds as I am leaving Monday. Hanna looks like it could end up being a problem to my area late next week, meaning I may NOT be able to fly back to the US. I don't know. I'll just keep monitoring the reports.

On a brighter note, I finished final edits for BROKEN SOULS, the BITE coming out the same month as ENEMY LOVER. And I have now 38,000 words on DEADLY TOUCH, Raphael's story.

I think I'll retire to bed and cough up a lung. No more watching The Weather Channel. It's too disheartening.

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