Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I could get used to this

I'm here at the Colorado Railroad Museum. DH is happily climbing over locomotives and snapping pix, while I sit at a picnic table in the 80 degree temps.

It's so easy to wipe out everything when you're on vacation. What Tropical Storm Fay? Day job? Huh?

But I am still, sitting here at a picnic table, and writing, because I have deadlines, deadlines. Still, we are having a wonderful, stress-free time of it. Yesterday we went to a gold mine, on impulse, that someone recommended. We took a wonderful tour given by a grizzled, seasoned miner who still works the mine, which is owned by a third-generation miner. He was telling us how he got stuck once and it took him six hours to lift the rocks around him and get out.

As we came to an intersection in the mine, we saw a sign that read, 'PRIMARY ESCAPE ROUTE."

I asked, "Uh, escape route?"

He waved it off. "Oh don't worry. If anything happens, I know six different ways out of this mine."


But amazingly, my claustrophobia didn't kick in. I was having too much fun listening to his stories. He was amazing. We also saw the "lucky mining bucket" that is supposed to bring good luck to all who touch it. I touched it. I don't feel lucky, but I am having fun, so that's a good sign.

After we panned in the creek for gold and found a couple of microscopic sized particles. We struck it!

I could get used to this, writing in the sunshine, enjoying the cool weather, far away from all concerns at home. The stress has just slid off me like heavy coat.


Gillian Layne said...

So glad you are safe and having fun! I love Colorado. My favorite place is the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Lou Gagliardi said...

glad you are having fun!

I just wanted to say that I'm reading the Empath today. I got it the ARC today right before I left for a meeting. to give the ARC back? *prays and hopes not*

Have fun!


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Do you use an AlphaSmart when you're on the road? I've used mine everywhere this summer, including on a kayak (I put it in a big ziploc bag).

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Gillian! Garden of the Gods is lovely, but I confess, I am partial to the mountains in the north and the cooler temps. I love Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hey Lou! The books are yours to keep, as a gift! I just found out, thanks to Michele Hauf (yay!) that my Nocturne Bite will be out in November. So when you finish Empath, and read about Baylor and Katia, that's their story, in the Nocturne Bite. It's called Broken Souls.

Hey Toni! How are you? Yup, I use an Alpha Smart. Great tool for writers, I love how it powers on and off so quickly.