Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inside the scary mind of a romance author...

This weekend we are finally, hopefully, leaving on vacation to gorgeous Colorado. I'm running amok with things to do before vacation; pet arrangements, house-sitter, bills paid, camera chips to purchase, etc.

If a tropical storm/hurricane/CONE OF FORESEEABLE DOOM doesn't come our way. Yes, isn't it festive vacationing in the middle of hurricane season?

All this while working on a very important project at the day job on funding water projects for the poor. And while trying to get started on the next Nocturne, due in, oh, seven weeks.

Being inside my mind right now is a very scary place. Such as today, while driving to work, when I'm brainstorming Rafael's story and character ARC, while trying to navigate the Sawgrass and think of everything I need to do before we leave:

Ok, Rafe, he's an angel in leather, the Kallan, dangerous, dark, immortal, a loner, feels alienated. No real friends, even his family is a little afraid of him, hey, he's the executioner, the powerful one, Emily to Rafe, have you ever executed anyone close to you? Yes, a cousin, it made me feel even more isolated and alone, can't get close... oh CRAP! WATCH WHERE THE HELL YOU ARE GOING, YOU STUPID ######. oK, must call and find out car rental insurance, does the credit card cover CDW? Check that, ok, where was I? Rafe, yes, I'm lonely, it's not easy having all this power and hey, you are very sexy but I have to execute you or I forfeit my brother's life, yet you are my draicara, my mate, I am foresworn to protect you according to the rules of our pack... dogs, have to go to the vet to pick up more meds for Tiger, do that after work, no wait, they're closed by that time, maybe tomorrow at lunch, are we going to Best Buy after dinner or did Frank say let's do that tomorrow? NO, tomorrow is stopping by his dad's, and what if it rains, rain, water, how many children die of water-borne diseases each day? Check that fact and was it half a glass of water a day that woman gives to her children when she rations when the spring dries up? Check that in notebook... what if that system in the Atlantic turns into a storm? Should we shutter the house or take our chances, the last time we did we came home to a hurricane named Wilma. Damn am I getting my period and do I need to pack tampons hell i hope not because i hate hate having my period on vacation but back to Rafe, he thinks Emily is beautiful and he wants to have sex with her like now, but he has to prepare her for her death because he will sacrifice her with his sacred Scian, Scian, hahahaha, another term for a hero's youknowhwat, wouldn't that be funny, I AM THE HERO AND I WILL SLAY YOU WITH MY SACRED SCIAN OF LOVE, but be serious, he's dark and dangerous and lethal and and HEY! YOU JUST CUT ME OFF YOU #####

Scary, isn't it?


Gillian Layne said...


My Sacred Scian of Love should be the title of your next book, really :)

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL Gillian

It's always entertaining coming up with various names for the "weapon of love."