Friday, August 29, 2008


This is Tropical Storm Hanna, the biggest threat to my area. Not Gustav, which is going to slam into the Gulf Coast (sigh) sometime next week. I'm on the east coast, and Hanna is a threat more.

But look at the models. They're all wacky. Spinning around. This is how I feel during the height of hurricane season, like, uh, now.

I'm leaving the country Monday on a last minute work trip I did not anticipate. I hate hate leaving when something like this is lingering off my coast, as I have responsibilities and an elderly in-law, but have no choice.

In the meantime, this is what I'd rather be thinking of:

This is Raphael, the Cajun Draicon werewolf I'm writing about, whose story is due in four weeks. He rides a Harley, wears black leather, and, as I described him in Enemy Lover, my November Nocturne, resembles "An angel stumbling out of a Bourbon Street sex shop."

I'd rather be writing about bad boy biker werewolves than worrying about hurricanes.

Bad boy biker werewolves don't hurt innocents in my story, they just make very long, slow love, or very fast and hard, depending upon the heroine's preferences.

I hope Gustav stays the hell away from Louisiana and New Orleans. I think they've had enough. Go away Gustav!


Gillian Layne said...

First of all, YUMMMMM on Raphael! You know, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to the internet, but maybe I do need to take the time to find pictures of my heroes. Talk about inspiration!!!!

Secondly, BE SAFE! I worry so about all of you on the coast. It's been such a scary season so far. I'll take my tornadoes any day.

Sending hopeful thoughts your way!

Lou Gagliardi said...

First, as Gillian said, YUM! *coughs* anyways..

Be safe, and come home to us in one piece. I know how you feel. I just found out that if Gustav does hit the GREAT state of Louisiana, that my salvation army corps would be called there because we have a canteen. I'm a soldier in the Salvation army, so id have to pick up all of my stuff, quit school, and go down there. Not that I'd mind in the least.

So I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens. But you, the people of the country your going to, and the people of NOLA will be in my prayers

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL Gillian. It helps. I study the fine curves of the machine. The Harley, I mean. LOL

Hey Lou, good for you, that's so wonderful you do that! I hope you don't have to go. Good luck if you do, I can tell you, after a hurricane, life is miserable. I wish I weren't speaking from experience, but the damage we had after Wilma is NOTHING compared to the damage and the distress caused by Katrina to thousands.

I hope everyone on the Gulf Coast stays safe. I am so heartsick over New Orleans taking another one on the chin.