Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where am I again?

I think I'm at the airport.


Getting ready to fly out.


Three trips in less than a month.

Nicaragua trip for work was very productive, interesting. We drove north through the mountains, visited families living in crumbling adobe shacks, saw some heartbreaking stuff. While there, I was monitoring Hurricane Ike, which at one point was headed toward my area as a Cat. 4.

I loathe hurricane season.

Because of Ike, I shifted this trip back by a week. Thankfully, Ike missed us and went south. Unfortunately, it didn't miss Texas.

Anyway, I'm here at the airport, getting ready to fly to TN for my week alone in a cabin doing nothing but writing. I'm getting there, almost there. The book due Oct. 1 has only 7500 words left, and then editing. My goal this week is to finish and start to edit.

The good thing about this past crazy month has been my ability to write in snatches, and chunks of scenes. I wrote in the SUV in Nicaragua while we were on good stretches of pavement (you would not believe the roads we were on. Think of driving down a flight of stairs. That would be a smooth ride compared to the mountain paths, and rivers! we navigated through). I wrote in snatches and then downloaded the Alpha Smart when I had a hotel with A/C current. Note to self: BUY adapter and REMEMBER to bring it on next trip to Central America.

This week away is something I promised myself when I conceived of the idea for Raphael's story. Raphael is a Cajun, immortal werewolf who looks like a fallen angel. He's very powerful and the executioner for his people. He has a few dark secrets as well.

I like giving my heroes dark secrets. DEADLY TOUCH has turned out to be an interesting story. I'm also curious to see the cover for BROKEN SOULS, the Nocturne Bite I have coming out in November, same month as ENEMY LOVER.


If I were to write my story, I'd title it WEARY AUTHOR.

I went from the Dorchester deadline and turning in the next Egyptian historical in August straight to BROKEN SOULS and revising that one final time to DEADLY TOUCH. It's been a treadmill and I need this time away to get back in touch with my muse, who is saying, "whahhhh?"

I told myself if I sold more Nocturnes, I'd go to TN and write, as a reward and inspiration for the story. It's a working vacation, more work than vacation, but a change of scenery that will hopefully enable me to bring the book together for a finale.

As long as no more hurricanes are spinning out there in the Atlantic.

If I can pull this together, it means I actually was able to write an entire book in two months. While working a demanding day job. While traveling to Nicaragua for a last minute work trip to replace a sick coworker. While hurricanes and tropical storms buzzsawed out there, a potential threat to my home and the crappy insurance we now have.

Small wonder I'm taking October off. I might just retire the computer for a full month and not write. It would be an interesting experience.

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