Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long night

Tia was very, very sick last night. I overfed her. She was doing so well, happy, bouncing around, and very hungry. And I fed her too much.

I got about 3 hours sleep as I stayed up with her most of the night. Then this morning at 6, I cleaned the carpets. :-(

Stayed home from work this a.m. to watch over her, she got worse. I called the vet, mine was on vaca again, so I took her to the vet filling in. She's very nice, and told me there's still bacteria in Tia's system, gave her a shot to make her feel better, and pills. My poor dog. She could barely walk, she was so sick. I was terrified when I got up to the vet's that they'd shake their heads and say there was nothing more they could do. Dh's birthday is in two weeks, I keep hoping and praying she'll hang on past that. She was diagnosed with the cancer right around my birthday.

The stress is pretty bad... I'm just trying to cope, and remembering that one lovely day last week when I did nothing but write, write, write. I said earlier you have to make writing a priority if this is a business, but then there's your personal life, and emergencies, the day job and other stuff. I did write three pages last night. At least I got that much done.

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