Monday, August 07, 2006

Aid workers killed

It’s not easy being an aid worker in these troubled times. I just read about 15 workers killed in Sri Lanka. They were caught in a battle between government and rebel forces over water supplies. The workers were from Action Against Hunger, a French agency.

They were just doing their job, providing relief to the thirsty and hungry after 2005’s crippling tsunami.

It chills me to realize how easily aid workers can get caught in either the crossfire, killed or used as hostages. Haiti is seeing even more kidnappings, many of aid workers and missionaries. Thugs kidnap them, hold them for ransom, sometimes beating them or mentally terrorizing them with threats of killing them or pouring boiling water over them. They’re kidnapping foreign missionaries, something they’ve never done before. Being an aid worker in Haiti is a risk these days.

I don’t think I’ll be going to Haiti anytime soon…

The sad thing is Haiti desperately needs those aid workers and missionaries, and the volunteers who come to Haiti to help, who are now staying home. A recent AP article quoted Adriano Gonzalez, UNICEF’s Haiti representative, as saying that “Missionaries run or support 2,000 primary schools attended by 600,000 students -- a third of Haiti's school-aged population. Because of missionaries, half a million children can go to school," Gonzalez said. "They are irreplaceable."

Had a very quiet weekend, except for the washing machine breaking down. No writing. I read four books instead. Some romantic suspense, and two contemps. Pure luxury. I forgot what it felt like to indulge in reading. After I went and read the Amazon reviews just to see what others said. I’m glad I read the reviews after, because I read these books for fun, relaxation, enjoyment. Some reviewers ripped apart one of the books I enjoyed. I didn’t care. The book provided me with what I needed, a fast-paced, engrossing read. I’m on a romantic suspense kick now, and I’m going to treat myself to another as soon as I write one more chapter of my WIP.

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