Sunday, June 18, 2006

My husband's Climax

DH has a Climax in our living room.

Last night we discussed how we need a great vacation this year, barring any more hurricanes. We discussed Alaska, Colorado and then as I'm thumbing through the book of train rides throughout the country, I hit upon Cass, West Virginia. Home to the most Shay engines still operating in this country. And they have a Climax. A Climax is a type of logging locomotive.

We watched the Cass video and started daydreaming about heading to West Virginia. I've never seen a real live Climax. I'm looking at the video and I ask him, "So do you have a Climax?"

He points to the train tracks above the sofa. "I keep my Climax up there."

It's a G scale Climax, like the other trains he has that we run throughout the house and in the garden railroad.

So I'm itching now to go to Cass, and see a real live Climax for myself. I've never witnessed a Climax in action. I can only imagine what it's like, the steam, the smoke and the sound... :-)

On another note, the train tracks we have running through the living room, kitchen and attic are hosting a critter train. A possum. It's living in the attic. Have NO idea how it got up there, but the other night I saw it using the train tracks to get from the garage to the attic. DH sealed the attic access for the train tracks and put a live trap up there.

No free rides in this house.


Mary Stella said...

Ohhhh the jokes. If you go together is it a mutual Climax?

I'd love to market the postcards the train gift shop sells to tourists after their visit: One line slogan -- Was it Good for You?

Thanks for making me laugh. I hope you go on that much-needed vacation.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hee hee! Very funny, Mary. Love the postcard idea. Glad I made you laugh.