Wednesday, June 28, 2006

3,000-year-old Egyptian tomb found!

How cool is this?

They may have
found the tomb of King Tut's mother. According to my research, Kiya, Akhenaten's second wife, mothered the boy king. Kiya's death and disappearance was the basis for my first Egyptian historical, THE FALCON & THE DOVE.

News reports said, "Zahi Hawass, who heads the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, said he believed the new tomb could have belonged to King Tutenkhamen's mother. Closely related Egyptian royals tended to be buried near each other, and graves of the rest of Tut's family have already been found, he said. "

“It would make sense, his tomb is so close that it looks like he chose to be buried next to his mother," who died years before the young king, Hawass said.”

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