Friday, June 09, 2006

The drink's on me

Is this blond guy a hunk or what? Absolut-ely.

dorchester is working on the cover of my March release. Did I mention THE SWORD & THE SHEATH will be out next March? Yup. This is Tarik's story. Jabari's son. Tarik resists having Fatima, his childhood friend, become his Guardian and the first Khamsin warrior.

Anyway, Tarik is my first blond hero. He's got dark, penetrating eyes, like his father, but his mother's hair. I've always liked writing dark-haired heroes, because I have a weakness for dark-haired men (DH has dark hair, very sexy brown eyes). But blonds can be fun, too.


Kristie (J) said...

That's the guy who played Smith - Samantha's squeeze from Sex and the City and one of the reasons I liked the later episodes of that show so much. He was a) younger and b) stuck with her through her illness and c) shaved off all his lovely locks to show her his support. I always thought he was such a good romance hero type of character.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Really? Cool! Didn't recognize him. I remember that episode when he shaved his hair. It was so sweet. Very honorable.
You're right, he was a true hero, sticking by his lady's side through the dark times.

Always was glad that Samantha had finally found a guy who was willing to look past her body and into her heart.

Hope you are doing okay, Kristie. Been thinking about you lately. Hang in there.