Monday, June 26, 2006

Week 12

Tia's on Week 12 officially. The vet gave her only 12 weeks after the liver cancer diagnosis. She's doing okay, though I catch her whining a little when she lies down. I wish I could read her mind. Is she in pain? What can I do? Is the prednisone making her stomach upset?

She didn't eat much yesterday, then gobbled down her food after the pill.

She has bouts of her old self but in the mornings, especially today... she lacks any energy. Just getting her to go outside is tough. I don't know... I'm pulling a Scarlett. I won't think about it today. I'll think about it tomorrow.

I finished edits for my EC book yesterday. Now I'm working on a new project. I feel rushed to complete the proposal. Not because I'm meeting with my CP this week and owe her chapter 3. Only because I'm very afraid when the time comes to make that tough decision about my dog, I won't be able to function that week. Been there, done that with death. It knocks you over, like a wrecking ball slammed right at your face. And it takes a while to pick up the pieces of yourself, that lie broken and bleeding and scattered, and get on. You don't get over it. You just get through it. And life goes on.

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