Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gone with the wind

Alberto, the first storm of the season, is battering the west coast of my state now. When Alberto appeared on the radar, a bit of my serenity fled. Though not a hurricane, it was a bonk on the head as a reminder that yeah,

1) We are in hurricane season
2) I don't have enough deodorant to last all hurricane season
3) Sometime in the next six months, I'll probably have to eat canned Barfaroni for at least a day
4) Our generator has no gas and it's buried beneath a pile of Christmas decorations
5) Some time this season, I'll be fighting the little old ladies at Publix for that last can of tuna, and they'll probably win. AND they'll probably have a coupon for it.

Finished page proofs for The Panther & the Pyramid. Gosh, I forgot how much I love Graham. When I finished, his story stayed with me. He's such a complex, powerful character. Deep, mysterious and tormented. The last half of the book, where they are in the Western Desert, is the most emotional. I have a naughty word in the most pivotal scene. My editor left it in. I rejoiced. I don't normally use swear words in my historicals, but this scene needed a hard action verb. Using the right word can make an enormous difference. In this case, it was the right word.

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