Thursday, June 01, 2006

Giant flamingos invade home at start of hurricane season!

Giant killer flamingos, fearing the start of the 2006 hurricane season, invaded the Vanak home today. They sought refuge at a residence finally repaired after Hurricane Wilma. However, upon learning that the home had been dropped by its insurance company, the flamingoes abruptly fled, first leaving a sizeable fertilizer deposit on the newly planted lawn.

Yeah, okay, I've been a bad blogger. Buried since returning from RT. Writing. Working FT. House is almost done with repairs. Yay. Came home to find these on our lawn. I laughed
until I cried. DH thought they made a nice replacement for the tree we lost during Wilma.

Here's the "before" photo of the guys working on the roof a couple of weeks ago. Yay. Almost there. Florida room just need windows, and then we start on the back yard.

Tia is still doing okay. She had a bad day this week, but I'm praying and holding my breath she'll still hang in there a while longer. The vet gave her 12 weeks at the most when she was diagnosed with the liver cancer. She's on week 8 now. God, I hate counting the weeks, but...

One day at a time.


Anonymous said...

I came to see how you would mark the beginning of hurricane season.



Mary Stella said...

Those flamingos -- what a riot. We need to get some to fly over to Rhonda Pollero's house to stay with her flamingo motif, don't you think? Glad the house is almost repaired. (Protect the blender at all costs!) Glad Tia's hanging in!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Glad you like the flamingos, Janet!

I think Rhonda would be honored if my flamingos paid her a visit, Mary. And yes, the blender is insured, fear not! Nothing else is, but the blender will not go down!