Monday, March 27, 2006


people are like vultures. they wait until you're lying on the ground bleeding and then attack. they're not nice.

i'm going off line for a few days. can't stand to deal with the vultures right now.


FerfeLaBat said...

::Blinking madly::

WTH happened? OK Come hang out with me and I will protect you.

Stacey said...

Are you okay?!? Hope so!


Anonymous said...

Just popped in, and I see I am woefully behind. I need updates, m'dear!

Hope you are okay,


Mary Stella said...

There will be no vulturizing of Bonnie. If someone was mean to you, they need to back off now.

Hell hath no fury like pissed off authors rallying around a friend.

Eva Gale said...

I'm not as strong as Ferfe and Mary Stella, but I can offer good swear words to hurl.

And encouragement because I want to read your WIP. :)


Mary Stella said...

Bonnie Vanak. Paging Bonnie Vanak. Come back. We miss you!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks guys, you're so sweet, didn't mean to worry anyone. I'm okay. I just needed a break. Have to focus on my book. I have one week to finish it. I'm editing the love scenes and I'm really not in the mood for sex. I have a headache. ;-)

And Bri, I hope you'll like the Sword & the Sheath when it comes out. Just for you, I'll post an excerpt from my September release in my blog.