Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Labadie, cruise ships and hungry kids

Went to Labadie this a.m., a cushy resort where cruise ships dock. Passengers have no idea they're in Haiti. There is a white sandy beach playground, fenced off from the rest of the area, so they can play. I didn't play. I went to the village of Labadie, where the fishermen struggle to make a living.

The photos are of the water taxi we took, with the big cruise ship in the background. This afternoon we went to a slum with a bridge over the muddy water to a house that I couldn't cross because it was too rickety. I stayed on the other side while shouting questions across. But things happen for a reason, because I was stranded, I met this woman and eventually, her husband, who took us to see their tiny home with their 10 kids, four of whom they took in when their mom died. They have no food to eat, but they took the kids in anyway. They said God will provide and trust in God for their daily bread. Talk about faith...wow. Good day. Lots of good stuff. No jet skiing like the tourists, or fishing or sunbathing, just visiting the poor and trying to see what we can do to improve their lives.

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