Monday, March 06, 2006

Cool ocean breezes in Haiti

Back in Haiti, at the hotel where we stayed last September. We returned to Petite Anse, the oceanside slum we visited last year. Fishing boats dot the sands, sitting lopsided like drunken sailors. Wind is too high to go out today on the boats. All is very quiet, the same Haiti as it was last year before elections.

We met Rose Marie and her children. This is where they sleep. She's widowed. All they have to eat is a little flour, sugar and water, which she feeds mostly to the baby. The two-year-old is so malnourished she can't stand. Her tiny legs, the size of matchsticks, have no muscles.

Kinda puts life into perspective for me, worrying about all the things on my plate. When she has nothing on hers, no food, no real place to sleep, just flour and water and hunger.

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