Thursday, March 09, 2006

Egypt in Haiti

Last night spent an hour writing Tarik and Fatima's story. No choice...the deadline is fast approaching. Wrote about two pages. Sat outside in the dark on a patio overlooking the ocean, writing about Tarik's struggle with Fatima's fiercely independent side. I'm like a clock slowly winding down... I'm too wiped out by the travel these past few weeks. I like this story, but who knows if anyone else will? I'm at the point of a crossroads with my romance writing and my life. What's the point? Why should I bother. I shouldn't delve into this too deeply as it's part depression brought on by the stuff I see in Haiti and just being plain exhausted.

So let me write about funny stuff, like t-shirts in Haiti. People wear these t shirts from the US with sayings that they don't know what they mean. Like this elderly, dignified woman wearing a shirt that read A BOY IN EVERY PORT. Or the guy wearing a shirt that said, MY TEACHER SAID I CAN BE ANYTHING I WANT, SO I DECIDED TO BE AN A-HOLE.

Today we are returning to the garbage swamp where families live. Must muster myself to do this... get the energy from somewhere.


Mary Stella said...

**I like this story, but who knows if anyone else will?**

*Mary raises hand* I know other people will like your story. I know that I'll be one of them!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Mary, you're so sweet!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Mary! You're so sweet.