Monday, March 27, 2006

Sex ed

DH doing much better. We actually went bike riding yesterday at a favorite park. 70 degree temps, wind blowing slightly, a nice 4 mile ride. After he was wiped out, but the exercise did us both good.

Did get some writing done this weekend. Everyone has a different writing style. Mine resembles that of a jackrabbit pumped up on cocaine driving a PT Cruiser. It’s all over the place. I have a synopsis as a road map, and end up detouring, crashing sometimes, speeding up and slowing down. Usually I save love scenes for when I have enough time to concentrate on them. I like my lovemaking slow and sensual. ;-)

This weekend, I wrote a scene in which Tarik demonstrates oral sex to Fatima using a fruit. It’s very sensual and has humor as well. Didn’t plan on it, but it fit in so well because she’s a warrior now, and all warriors are taught how to deliver the secret of 100 kisses to bring a woman release. Jabari, Tarik’s dad, taught his son by using a fruit and so Tarik shows Fatima how his father taught him.

Sure beats the book we got in 7th grade health class which labeled all parts and how they worked, as if a man or a woman’s body was a ’67 Mustang needing a tune-up. I remember co-ed sex education. Taught by Coach DeFalco. Coach DeFalco gave us a test where you had to correctly label the male and female parts. There were dittos back then and you’d bring them to your nose and inhale, as if you could get high off printer’s ink. And as Coach was handing out the tests, he realized, er, some of the copies were missing vital parts.

One guy’s copy showed only half of his male part. Coach looked at him, grabbed the sheet and smirked and said, “____ got his cut off. Guess we’ll have to find him another one.”

I’ve never seen a guy blush as much as ____ did that day. I think he would have appreciated a nice, private lesson like Tarik gave to Fatima, using candles, a fruit and lots of love language instead of harsh fluorescent lights overhead, a smirking basketball coach who was all of 5’7” and a room filled with snickering classmates.

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