Monday, June 20, 2005

Two are better than one?

From FARK: a six-legged puppy with two penises was found outside a temple in Malaysia and considered good luck. Temple patrons are calling him Ong Fatt, the lucky one.

Figures. Must have been a man who named him that, thinking anything with two penises would be lucky indeed. Gives me an idea for a new story, though. Alien romance hero with two penises from another planet lands in suburban American city. When he starts to get cozy with heroine and she notices his dual action rods, he explains to her that one is like a spare tire. “You know,” he says in accented, but perfectly understandable English, “in case one goes flat, I don’t have to stop to jack it up.”

Oy. Note to self:
Less espresso on Monday a.m.’s.


Keris said...

I love this idea! LOL

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL, Keris. Maybe some day I'll write it.