Friday, June 03, 2005

Some good reads

Some good reads I’ve devoured lately are Catherine Anderson’s BRIGHT EYES, Janet Evanovich’s HARD EIGHT, Stacey Klemsten’s THE SILVER SPOON, a great erotica by Alice Gaines called Telesians 1: The Siren's Challenge and Maeve Binchy’s ECHOES. I won't give them grades, I'm not into "grading" books. ;-)

And I'll firmly stick to my habit of not listing books I didn't enjoy, and my vow to never publicly "diss" another author. Reading is so subjective. What I might dislike someone else might love. And vice versa.

The Binchy book wasn’t a romance, just as Stacey’s book wasn’t either, but Stacey’s book ended on a high note, unlike the Binchy book. The ending of ECHOES left me depressed. But I love Maeve Binchy’s writing, her flair for character depth and the settings in Ireland. It makes up for a depressing ending. Stacey’s book is about aliens invading a diner. Linnea Sinclair highly recommended it. She was right, it’s terrific. I zipped through this book in 2.5 hours.

I still have a stack on my TBR list, including Jennifer Ashley’s first contemp, CONFESSIONS OF A LINGERIE ADDICT and Linda Broday’s REDEMPTION, which I bought over the weekend, and the Stephanie Plum series I plan to buy. And I broke down and bought another Catherine Anderson book in Barnes and Noble.

When DH and I went to B&N, I saw PAGES magazine in the racks. There’s an article Julie Sturgeon did on me for her romance column! Woo hoo! It’s about how I wrote THE COBRA & THE CONCUBINE during one of last year’s hurricanes. Speaking of hurricanes, it’s June and the start of the season. DH wants to buy a generator. I’m afraid I’ll blow the place up.

One book I’m slowly reading is THE FARMING OF BONES by Edwidge Danticat. She’s a Haitian author whose work has been highly lauded in the literary world. It’s set in 1937 in the Dominican Republic and deals with the horrific massacre of thousands of Haitian immigrants in the DR. She’s extremely talented, and her writing is crisp and fresh, but I guess I’m having a hard time reading this book because it’s non-fiction disguised as fiction.

Maybe a little too real for me. Thousands of Haitians are now being deported from the DR. I wrote a newspaper story last year on Haitian immigrants illegally living on the border of Haiti and the DR. Some swore they would never go back, and they feared going into town because they would be deported. And this week the honorary French counsul was gunned down in his car in Haiti near the airport. He died later. It happened in an area I was just in two weeks ago. I think I need an escape from real life. But I will pick up the Danticat book again. Maybe in a week or two.

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