Monday, June 13, 2005

God bless the readers

Whose emails cheer me on days like today. I'm home sick with a stabbing sinus headache, feeling guilty because I'm not at work and decide I need to DO something, so I write. I'm writing a short vampire story and I think it sucks, not literally, but sucks big donkey donuts. I feel depressed. Then I made the mistake of wandering out to the patio and blurting out to the bird, "Do you think my writing sucks?"

He answers, "Yeah."

Of course he'd respond "Yeah" if I asked him, "Do you think France will ever agree to ratifying the constitution of the creation of the European common market?" Or if I queried him, "Did J Lo ever Botox her lips?" or "Is Prince William still a virgin?"

And then I read email from a fan who wrote just to tell me how much she loved reading all three of my books. And I start thinking, "Gee someone likes my writing!" I feel my spirits lift, like they did that time in eighth grade when I had a chance of scoring a date with Deiter Karowitz, before I realized he was madly in lust with Mary Beth and she was a cheerleader and I could never equal her perky, peppy GO RAMS! chortlings, but at least he smiled at me once in a while in the hallway.

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