Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Erotic romance and starving kids

Too damn depressed to blog much today. Wrote a report on water needs for Haiti I had assessed last month. A sad-faced woman told me their only drinking water is contaminated by animals crapping in it. It makes the kids ill. They can’t even afford fuel to boil the water to make it safe.

In the meantime, Haiti is falling apart. Canadian woman kidnapped and released last week showed reporters burn marks where her captors put lit candles to her bare soles. Not enough they kidnap you, now they’re torturing you as well.

Leaving for Nicaragua next week, same week my first story as Blair Valentine is released by Ellora’s Cave. I feel schizophrenic living two lives, writing humorous erotic love stories and then traveling to see starving children dying for lack of food and a little love.

I remember last time I was there, saw a skeletal baby lying quietly in a hammock, her little ribs jutting out like tiny hills. She was too weak to even cry. Some days it feels like no one cares about them. Some days I wish I didn’t. Maybe it would hurt less.



Eva Gale said...

It takes strong people like you to tell the rest of us about it so we can do something. We need a refresher of gratitude. Tell us how it goes.

I totally understand why you write what you do. All my stories come out funny and sexy too, no matter how dark and tormented I feel.

;) love the pict. A pair of tight buns on a beach do a girl good.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks, Briana. I'm not really strong. The people I meet in the field are far stronger than me. I will try to post updates next week if I have internet access, which is unlikely.

Yeah, buns on the beach do much to lift the spirits, don't they? :-)