Saturday, July 11, 2009

RWA: workshops and writing on deadline

Tuesday, I'm flying to DC for RWA's National conference. I've lined up my schedule and there are two workshops I'm going to try hard to make.

The first is Sat 8:30 A.M. Two Mills & Boon editors talk on avoiding pitfalls of romance novel plotting. Any time you can take a workshop given by an editor, I say go for it.

The second is Jennie Crusie - Turning Points - explore ways to do this; tighten and focus plots and scenes.Sat 11-12 am.

Note the theme of the craft workshops I'm targeting? Plotting, which I always am looking to strengthen.

RWA is the best conference for tremendous craft workshops. My schedule is pretty full Thursday and Friday, so I was very happy to see these two workshops on my only fairly free day.

This weekend, DH and I are over at Fort Myers Beach for some quiet time alone. I'm going to try to make a dent in the Nocturne Bite due in three weeks. See, I"ll take the laptop to DC next week, but trying to write on deadline at a conference is like trying to herd cats. There's just too much going on.

Here's my advice for writing on deadline at a conference.

1. Take laptop to the bar or coffee shop and look absorbed. When others see you, you tell them, "I'm on deadline." As they walk off with expressions of understanding and respect, commence rewriting that email to hubby, "Did you remember to give the dog his heartworm pill?"

2. Write in your room. Consume mass quantities of food and drink and mourn the fact you're missing Linda Howard's speech. Order another Irish coffee as a comfort.

3. Tote laptop to nearest Starbucks and encounter hordes of other authors also on deadline, who are looking busy and typing emails to hubbies asking if they remembered to clean out the cat's litterbox and make sure that little Johnny doesn't paint his sister's hair neon green with the new watercolor set.

Most of all, remember to try to make time for those workshops. They're the best thing going at RWA.

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Mary Ricksen said...

I love a good workshop. I hope the ones you sign up for are all you wanted them to be. Have fun with DH too on that getaway. You deserve it with the job you have to do.