Friday, July 03, 2009

RWA food recommendation

I realized this morning that I have only a week to get ready for RWA. Gulp. DH and I are going away next weekend for a quiet time at the beach, then it's DC for moi.


I already ordered postcards and magnets with my Bite cover on them and a list of upcoming books so I have some promo to hand out at the booksigning. I also have labels with my upcoming books I'll sticker to books at the Literacy Signing.

I'm hoping to finish the online HQ serial for Nocturne and make a huge dent in the BITE due next month. The next deadline is full-length Nocturne due in November, so at least I have breathing room after August. But I know I'll have to spend part of the conference holed up in my room, writing to make that August deadline.

Now I have to find a new pair of flamingo PJ's. See, I said I was wearing those to the eharlequin PJ party, but I need a new pair. So I guess I have to do some shopping.

Already scheduled a pedi and a facial for a week from Monday, and then I fly out Tuesday. My friend is coming down and we're going to play tourist for two days.

Harlequin also asked me to participate in something kinda cool that I've never done before.

In the meantime, something that always turns into a challenge at conferences... restaurants. The hotel ones are always crowded, so finding a good restaurant close to the hotel, or within non-eyeball-bleeding cab fare distance is a priority. They say the Metro is the best way to get around DC, so we'll try that.

For me this trip, it will be finding a restaurant downtown as my friend and I are spending a lot of time there. I think I found one, thanks to Nancy Cohen.

Mystery writer Nancy shared some tips after she went to DC. Nancy's in my chapter and she recommends Old Ebbitt Grill, 675 15th St NW. Nancy said there's plenty of good people watching (nice benefit!) and the metro stop is Metro Central.

So now I have a good downtown restaurant.

Just need to find those flamingo PJ's...

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Mary Ricksen said...

Have a blast Bonnie, forget everything but the fun stuff! Just if for awhile.
Could I see a picture of you in the Flamingo PJ's. Just to be sure you really wore them.