Friday, July 17, 2009

Books, books, books at HQ signing

This photo is from yesterday when some of the Nocturne authors got together.

Went to the Harlequin book signing, was just going to "stop in." Uh huh. Like someone else said, "You go in there, and there are all these books, for free, and you become a locust."

So I buzzed through and I got Anne Stuart's new one. Told her how much I admire her personality. She was wearing little devil horns.

I got Rachel Vincent's Prey, some Presents, Linda Johnston's new Nocturne, and lots more.

Then I walked with my arms filled with books to the FedEX office and shipped them home. I also got a signed book by Carla Neggers for a waitress friend who loves romance. I know she's going to be so excited. She works so hard and never has a chance to attend a booksigning.

I think I might track down Heather Graham and ask Heather to sign one to her as well, Heather's pretty cool. And Mitzi is a big fan.

Saw Kristie Jenner again... she's so sweet. It's great seeing her and other readers here, who are just so supportive of romance and excited about being around all the authors. And the books, lol, I know her tbr list just got very, very large.

Yesterday got together with some of the Nocturne authors, including Anna Hackett, Lisa Childs, Lisa Renee Jones, Olivia Gates, Jenna Kernan, Meagan Hatfield, Linda Johnston, Nina Bruhns, Cynthia Cooke . Caridad Pineiro couldn't make it, but I ran into her today at the Goody Room.

Last night went to dinner with Tara Gavin and a new Nocturne author named Kendra Castle. It was very nice, and great to meet Tara. We had a lovely time.

Then it was off to the HQ PJ party, where I dressed in my flamingo jammies and brought the stuffed wolf I had bought at the Smithsonian.

Now it's the luncheon in an hour, and I have to leave early to participate in a Harlequin author focus group, which should be very interesting.

Oh, and last night while chatting with my good friend Gin Farmer, we met Dominique, the publisher and CEO of SourceBooks. How we met her was pretty cool... she was waving a copy of Amanda Grange's upcoming book, Mr. Darcy, Vampyre. Dominique was so excited about the cover, she asked us what we thought. It's a great cover, and she's so excited about the book, and all the books they are putting out. It was fun to see all her energy.


Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

I have RWA envy! It sounds like so much fun. I'll be there next year.

Did you hear I won a couple PRISMS? I'm dancing around here going "I won! I won! I won!" :-) I'm sure everyone wishes I'd shut up, LOL.

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Glad to hear that you are having so much fun!

Love the pics!

I really wish I was there!