Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jennie Crusie, fire alarm..and thief?

What an odd day today has been so far...

HQ party last night was a blast... I did the Time Warp, one of the oldie dances that can get me out onto the dance floor. They had free drinks, and each little bar featured time era cocktails. Harlequin knows how to throw a party.

This morning I was bleary-eyed, but dragged myself to workshops. Determined to do it, there were two I really wanted to attend, and one I chanced upon. I took notes at 8:30 am. Proud of myself for actually writing something legible.

The Jennie Crusie workshop on plotting was good. It wasn't taped but the notes will be on her blog. She talked about the point of no return for the character, who has struggled so much to obtain the goal that they can't go back to where they started. They've endured too much. She made a good comparison between plot points and the goal to a four-hour ride to Granny's with a kid in the back seat... you stop to get McDonald's, ice cream, etc. but the goal is still Granny's house. Give your reader ice cream and treats at the plot points of the book to not have "a reader screaming in the back seat."

After that workshop, I was in my room talking with my husband and noticed something very odd and quite disturbing. I think someone went through my stuff.

Just as I'm talking with him, the fire alarm goes off.

I open the safe, grab everything, including the laptop, and leave.

Yesterday at the Omni, the overflow hotel, same thing happened... fire alarm went off. Both times false alarms. Maybe a thief going through rooms?

I called security and told them. They said they wanted to come up and take a look.

I told them, "Later. I'm taking a nap!"

Anyway, while the firemen were investigating, I ran into Robin Lee Hatcher, Cathy Maxwell, Elizabeth Hoyt and Kim Lowe, who does SOS for RT. We ended up at this Lebanese rest. down the street, having lunch.

Then I came back to the hotel, and went to the Silhouette authors reception and talked with a few people.

Now I'm thinking of hitting another workshop. Not doing the awards tonight... too wiped out.

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Mary Ricksen said...

I hope you didn't lose anything!