Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RWA: White House tour, Congress

I'm having a blast at this conference and haven't even started. Not until the booksigning later today.

Arrived yesterday and got our room, we were lucky. Seems they overbooked at the Marriott. We unpacked and got on the Metro with Kristin Painter and Lara Santiago from the Space Coast chapter, and went to the Spy Museum. Then to Chinatown and some great food.

Then we headed off on the Metro for the National Mall and went to the Smithsonian - the Museum of Natural History.

We saw the Hope Diamond! And a great exhibit of jewels. sigh... it was wonderful.

Last night we did Monuments by Moonlight... very moving seeing the memorials at night. The Korean War memorial, with spotlights on each sculpture, was very moving.

Today, we toured the White House! Thanks to my congressman's aide, who worked with me last week to get security clearance for our group and on an approved tour, we got in! Wow... We were in the East Room and touched the carpet with our toes just to say "We were on the carpet in the East room."

No Obama sightings, but the tour was amazing, just being in the White House. We saw the presidential seal and the Blue Room, where the president stands when he gives a press briefing.

Then we went to Congress... where the Sotomayor hearings are underway. Press cameras all outside, waiting and waiting. We had tickets to the House Gallery, so we stood in line and got to sit in the gallery for about 10 minutes, watching the House of Reps.

I'm wiped, but I've had the best time touring DC. I'm so glad I came here early to play tourist. Now it's time to rest before the booksigning. I have books to drop off at the Goody Room, with a postcard of my August Bite, Darkness of the Wolf.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day, my schedule is pretty full.


Razlover's Book Blog said...

Hi Bonnie,

Glad to hear you are having fun at the conference.

Love the pic of the big necklace.

I really wish I was there too!

Have fun at the booksigning.

Mary Ricksen said...

Couldn't you have snuck me in your suitcase. Now I'll admit it woulda hadda have been a grande suitcase.

I hope you continue to have a ball there. Tell us about the signing and workshops.

The pictures go a long way to appeasing my envy. (grin) And the diamond is amazing. Huge! I know I couldn't have survived all that walking anyways. Your feet must be killing you, especially if you are wearing those flamingo flip flops.

Seriously, have a great time Bonnie!!

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Make me jealous! Your tour sounds wonderful. My dad is a Korean War vet, so the memorial always breaks me up (My dad's comment though: "We didn't have ponchos like that." Daaaaad.)

Have fun at the rest of the conference and please say Hi to people for me? (And they'll say "Jennifer who???") LOL