Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet the Draicon guys, werewolves with bite

NICOLAS, outcast and alone, from THE EMPATH

DAMIAN, Alpha pureblood pack leader from ENEMY LOVER

BAYLOR, loyal, brave warrior from BROKEN SOULS (Nocturne Bite)

RAPHAEL, powerful immortal from IMMORTAL WOLF

GABRIEL, the Raphael's charming brother, with a dark secret, perhaps the most dangerous of all the Draicon, from THE SHADOW WOLF

ALEXANDRE, mourning the death of his mate and child, who will fight to the death for his pack, and thinks he can never find love again

INDIGO, half-werewolf, half-vampire, outcast in both worlds. Adopted by the Robichaux pack, he's big, bad and fiercely loyal to the Cajun clan.


Gillian Layne said...

Oh, Bonnie! I'm speechless. Especially Nicolas and Gabriel...those eyes....oh, my.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno Bonnie, I've read the Empath and Enemy Lover and I loved both books...please tell me there will be more?! Oh and Damian's picture...OH MAN I've had a crush on that guy for a long time, ever since I saw in the telenovela SoƱadoras. He's so cute!!!!


Bonnie Vanak said...

Hi Gillian! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Yes, Gabriel...sigh... I just finished his proposal. He's very, very sexy, and dangerous. :-)

Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the books. He is cute, isn't he? And yes, there are more Draicon books on the way. Raphael's book, IMMORTAL WOLF, will be released next fall. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bonnie!
Like Monica, I've just finished The Empath and Enemy Lover. Loved them! And I loved that Maggie and Jamie were virgins =).

Oh, and the cover of Enemy Lover is sooo pretty! I love the colors and the dress and the guy is super hot. I mean, look at his bulging biceps *grin*

Thanks for the eye candies. I like that guy you use for Raphael.


Bonnie Vanak said...

Hi Shaz! so glad to hear you enjoyed the books. Raphael's story, IMMORTAL WOLF, is coming out next fall.

Yeah, I liked the cover as well. Harlequin did a great job.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Ricksen said...

Phew, my heart be still!