Wednesday, November 19, 2008

this is just too cute

By now, the world has heard of Puppy Cam, where the San Fran Shib Inu puppies are on Ustream.

Click here.

These 6 little pups make me smile when I really need it. Watching them at night really cracks me up, when they attack their bed, after sleeping in it all day.

They dig at the underside and gnaw at it, and tear up the foam.

It reminds me of Tiger, our Shih Tzu who is 15, and has had health problems. But when he was that age, he used to attack the underside of his bed and gnaw at the foam, until DH put a board at the bottom of the bed, so he couldn't turn it over.

Ah, puppies! They make a hard day less hard!

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