Monday, November 17, 2008

Reading is like sex

This weekend, I really tried to work on this proposal. It was a chilly 70 degrees in the Florida room as I sat there with my computer while DH was out with a friend. I tried, but couldn't concentrate. Too much going on.

So I gave up and decided to do something nice for myself.

I read.

I retired to the back yard with a book, an old Karen Robards RS that has recently been reissued. Ghost Moon. $4 in Walmart, and let me tell you, reissuing books at a very inexpensive price is a great hook and a very smart move by publishers. It enables you to try out a new to you author who is a lead, (her books are hardcover now) and see if you get hooked.

I was hooked. Great story. Just sat there, reading. Dolce was at the back door, barking for attention. Let him out, he sat on my lap while I read.

Then Tiger got jealous.

So he sat on my lap while I read. Seldom do I get a chance to read these days. Reading is such a pleasurable experience, that for me, it's like sex.

I finished the book and had that lovely feeling I get when I'm satisfied after a read.

It's like a "reading afterglow." You have the foreplay in the first few chapters, then it builds up and up and things are great, and POW!


Then you finish, and there is the afterglow. ;-)

At night DH and I biked through our local park as they have the holiday fantasy of lights festival running, and had one special night for bikers only. It was scads of fun.

Now I'm in a lot of pain, again, from my back. But yesterday was a very good day. And I'm very glad I took a break to read.

I need more reading in my life.
Don't we all?

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