Saturday, November 15, 2008

My bucket list includes a clean house!

Haven't blogged all week as it's been a bit hectic. Between treatments for my poor, injured back, and taking Tiger to the eye vet, work, etc. it's been a trifle crazy.

This morning poor Tiger, who is 15, had a mini stroke. It scared us silly. He's had them before, and recovered, but it's awful to watch and hear the poor baby moan and howl. So I'm home keeping an eye on him and trying to get stuff done.

Such as clean the house. I have a proposal to write, now that edits are done on the April book,but my brain is filled with mind gunk. So I'm trying to clean the house.

Ever get caught up in a project, and then when you're done, it looks like you have NOTHING accomplished?

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday about a bucket list. The only things I know I'd like to do before I die include visiting Egypt and Ireland, and financially, that is out of the question now.

The other thing is I'd like a really clean, ORGANIZED, house. I swear, our stuff has sex in the middle of the night, and reproduces. Like bunny rabbits.

On another note, this week I had my 15 year anniversary of working at the day job. My department got a cake, and made a really nice card. Everyone said such wonderful things, I felt so emotional. They were really, really nice and I really appreciated it.

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