Friday, May 12, 2006


Please. Boca Raton parents complaining about the teacher whose bikini-clad body is featured on a web site? Some advice.

Get A Life.

West Boca High teacher Erica Chevillar became the source of controversy when at least one parent (probably more, because when one starts flapping the gums, others chime in) complained about her modeling on a web site. What kind of photos? Erica in a bikini. Erica in lingerie.

I saw this on the news this morning while watching the radar for the rain we just got (Thank you God!) The kids think it's cool. The TV station interviewed some parents who thought Ms. Chevaillar was wrong in posing in a bikini. Gasp! What kind of image are we presenting to our children? Gasp! Why, gasp!!! They shouldn't see such things!! It will ruin their moral fiber, burn their retinas out!! Gasp~! Teachers have an image to uphold!

hello? She's not wearing the bikini in class. (Which isn't a bad idea, because trying to get the attention of lots of kids these days is very hard) She did it while in college to earn money. And I've got news for you parents who are complaining about it while driving your beamers and Hummers and Mercedes and giving your spoiled kids tons of money to be mall rats and living in million dollar homes where Ms. Chevalliar can't even afford the taxes... teachers make squat. Diddly. They don't get paid a fair wage. They work their butts off, trying to teach your kids, even discipline them because you fall down on the job, and work long past the bell letting school out. They don't do it for the money HA! They do it because most are dedicated, love kids and their jobs.

and many, like one of my friends, are burning out. Fast. My one teacher friend who teaches at a charter school in an upscale suburb, told me, "Bonnie, all these kids want to know these days is how to make money. That's it."

She's ready to quit. She's tired and frustrated. And I don't blame her.

In the meantime, Ms. Chevalliar won't be disciplined for wearing a bikini on a web site. The school district is dropping the matter. Forget the fact you can go to any beach down here and see men with big bellies wearing Speedos, and trust me, that sight is a hellava lot more disturbing. But she says she's going into real estate and quitting teaching. Kudos to her. I hope that teaches these flapping gum parents a lesson. And watch out. Even though the market down here is soft, there's still lots of money to be made. Maybe she'll be the one driving the Mercedes, Mrs. GASP! West Boca parent who thinks a teacher shouldn't wear bikinis on a web site.

I just hope she drives right by your door. While wearing her bikini.


Anonymous said...

It's even hit cafepress:

Mandii said...

Some people just got way to much time on their hands, not mention a bad case of mad sheep disease!
The symptons: Can't think for themselves, ignorance, a runny mouth and their noses are permanently out of joint!