Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The fog

I deleted a lot of the posts I made after news about Tia because I got into a severe funk. I'm in a fog lately, and trying to find my way. Actually if I had a Seeing Eye dog and a road map, I still couldn't find my way. Roof is done, yay. We closed on our condo, (long story about the nightmare THAT was and how the title company delayed paying us, jerks!). And Tia is doing okay for now, big yay.

I'm still undecided about attending RT, but making plans to go. If Tia gets worse that week, I won't go. But for now I have a car rented, and I'm hiring a pet sitter to look in on the dogs during the day. Still have no energy to tackle edits for the EC story, but there's no deadline, thank you very much. And edits are coming in this week on Panther, so those have a deadline.

On the lighter side, a 104-year-old woman in Malaysia married a spry 33-year-old guy.

The blushing bride said she hopes the marriage "lasts." (lasts?) It's her 21st marriage, his first. He says he didn't marry her for her money because "she is poor."

No, he must have married her because...

1) She plays great Bingo
2) Senior citizen (double) discounts at McDonald's
3) She's got all this sexual experience. Which reminds me I SHOULD start the edits on the EC werewolf story and my senior citizens werewolf orgy. Don't ask.

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