Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome to Florida, before it burns down

Okay. So Tia is doing okay, and I'm going to RT. Unless things change drastically. Now I find out I-95, the interstate I have to drive UP to Daytona, is closed in sections "indefinitely." Because of the wildfires. Our state is burning down. We're so dry wildfires are out of control. No rain.


yesterday a woman in my neck of the woods got eaten by an alligator. Welcome to Florida. If we don't all burn to Tator Tots, then we get eaten by alligators. But at least hurricane season isn't here. Yet.

In the meantime, back to revisions. I got loverly three-chapter excerpts to THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID printed up to give away at RT. If I can get there. If Daytona Beach doesn't go up in smoke by Tuesday. I know my book is hot, hey, even scorching, but...

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