Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yesterday was a bad Tia day...she was panting heavily, and I started getting worried. Then I read the panting is a side effect of predisone... so I'm monitoring her to see how she does today and may cut the pill in half to see...

It's a gamble. The steroid is making her comfortable, buying her, and us, a little more time, but her appetite is voracious and the panting worries me because I don't know if it's because the cancer has spread to her lungs or what. She's okay now, just resting. Yesterday I had a severe crying jag. Frank was trying to comfort me when Tia jumped up, paws on his lap. She was upset because I was upset. Dogs are so sensitive to feelings. So I calmed down, just for her. It's bringing back all these memories of when mom was dying... I'd run into the other room so she couldn't see how upset I was and get upset herself.

I'm working on edits for THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID. I forgot how intense and dramatic this book is... and how much the characters have to overcome. I'm actually pleased by the revisions. My editor made suggestions and pointed out stuff that passed me by, and left alone the stuff that I was afraid he would object to. I think he understood how important those "risky" scenes were. This is by far the most intense, emotional book I've ever written.

My editor really likes the book and the characters, which is a good sign. This book is so different from THE SWORD & THE SHEATH, the next Khamsin book. That one is much lighter, and has less emotion and more action. It's interesting comparing the two and I'm glad I'm not pigeonholing myself as a writer, but writing the books to suit the characters, not just writing the books to fill in a formula. Graham in Panther is the most complex, wounded hero I've ever written. He's fiercely protective, yet aloof, very strong and yet very vulnerable. He's a wounded warrior type, dangerous, like a wounded panther.

The edits for the EC book are on the back burner. I have too much right now, between edits for this book, trying to get stuff ready for RT (assuming I'm going) and the day job. I did find a wonderful pet sitter for Tia if I do go to RT. The woman is very sweet, lives nearby and totally understands the emotional roller coaster I'm on right now, not knowing from one day to the next what will happen with my dog. It makes things a little easier.

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