Saturday, May 13, 2006

Revisions, RT & Carpathian cabana boys

7:30 a.m. Temperature outside is a delightful 65 degrees. I'm salivating to go outside and indulge in a good book. I'm hooked lately on Christine Feehan's Carpathians, which is a good escape. Now if only I could find a nice Carpathian cabana boy to serve me a Mai Tai while I'm lying on the beach in Daytona... oh wait. They can't stand sunshine. Oh well.

But I'm sitting here at the computer printing out the last of my revisions. Meant to get them into the mail yesterday, didn't. Then I have 18,000 loads of laundry to do. And stuff to sort out for RT. And DH and I want to do something FUN today. Maybe parrot jungle.

I'm trying not to get excited about going to RT just in case Tia takes a turn for the worst and I have to cancel. What a roller coaster this is... but I'm grateful she's doing okay. The pet sitter came over last night after we got back from bowling with my co-workers and I could tell she's a real animal lover. She's even coming over
Monday to watch me feed Tia to gauge how she eats. I feel more comfortable leaving, knowing Connie will be coming over once a day to feed her, give her the meds and let both dogs out. Plus I'm four hours away, and if Tia does go downhill, I'll just leave.

But I am looking forward to RT... going to buy a BIG beach towel today, the kind that will wrap 10 mummies. I want to lay out on Daytona's beach and get run over by an SUV. It's my life's goal, to have big tire tracks on my stomach. ;-) I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone again. And I have a new video camera I plan to use to shoot glimpses of cover models. I am bringing my laptop and will blog from RT if I do go, as time permits. I have a new laptop that I can upload photos directly from the camera.

In the meantime, back to these revisions, while I'm dreaming of Carpathians while lying on the beach in Daytona with a Mai Tai in hand. Waiting for a Carpathian who can stand the sun so a big strapping one clad in a G string can bring me endless Mai Tais and show a glimpse of fang now and then.


Mary Stella said...

See you at RT, Bonnie. I'll buy you the Mai Tai, even if I'm neither a Carpathian or a cabana boy!

I hope Tia stays okay so you can come. Sounds like your pet sitter is a gem!

Stacey said...

Oh, I hope you'll be there, Bonnie! I should be arriving just a little bit before the luau, I think. I'm meeting Linnea and probably a bunch of other people in the hotel bar, if there's time. You want to meet there, too? Or, I can send you my cell number. I just want to make sure we meet up at some point!

Mandii said...

*Sigh* How I wish I was at the Carpathian Mountains right now...I'd be walking around with a big flashing sign hanging round my neck, saying...PLEASE BITE ME..! Is it too much to ask for just a little nip..?
Enjoy RT Bonnie!