Monday, March 07, 2005

A new secret weapon?

Real life is far more odd than fiction… Just read that a former stripper sold one of her boobs on e-Bay. Well, not her actual breast, it was her silicone implant. Sold it to the same casino company that bought the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich.

Said boob sold for more than $16,000. Sheesh. Said boob is purportedly a size 69 HH before the implants were surgically removed.

Said stripper was also once accused of beating up a customer with her big breasts. Whoa. Awk, the visuals… The customer said he suffered “whiplash” when she pointed her big bazookas at his face. He claimed they were like “cement blocks.”

Wham bam, slam, damn!

The mind reels… What if… the Pentagon got hold of this? I mean, these boobs could be a new secret weapon. Imagine parachuting strippers with 69 HH boobs into enemy territory. Navy SEALS, yeah, they’re tough, but how could they stack up (pardon the pun) against a pair of 69 HH boobs? Air drop the strippers with their 69 HH boobs and have them just beat the enemy with their breasts. Slap slap slap. Said enemy would die of broken necks, but die with big smiles.

And what would the Pentagon call this new secret weapon? Hmmm, how about…

Booby traps?

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