Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Freaking out. Kidnappings and close calls?

I'm freaking out a little.

Scanning news stories and found out that last week, the same time we were in Cap Haitien, a guy who used to live less then 20 miles from me,

Was kidnapped. In Cap Haitien, the very same city we visited.

He stopped at a roadblock and they nabbed him.

Oh dear God. I don't even know where this roadblock was. I didn't see any roadblocks. Here I am, thinking of how peaceful and calm our trip was... no violence, nothing.

And they grab this guy. The news report said this:

"She and other associates did not know whether Delafuente had been targeted or simply fell into the path of one of many armed gangs that roam the fractured country's streets and disrupt civilian life."

The victim has ties to the missionary community in Haiti. I knew the incidents of kidnapping had risen in the past year. For the armed gangs, it's a real money maker. And my friend, who was kidnapped a few years ago... held blindfolded in a dark room, a gun muzzle shoved to her head, threats of rape and death...

I can only pray they release him safe and unharmed.

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