Saturday, March 12, 2005

Haiti travel warnings


Leaving Monday for Haiti and the US state department just issued this new travel warning: (from their web site)

"Americans are reminded of the potential for spontaneous demonstrations and violent confrontations between armed groups. Visitors and residents must remain vigilant due to the absence of an effective police force in much of Haiti (HA! WHAT police force???) ; the potential for looting; the presence of intermittent roadblocks set by armed gangs or by the police; and the possibility of random violent crime, including kidnapping, car-jacking, and assault. Travel can be hazardous within Port-au-Prince. The embassy has limited travel by its staff outside of Port-au-Prince and the ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens outside of Port-Au-Prince remains extremely limited. "

Translation: You're on your own, kiddies.

Sigh... at any rate, far as I know, we are still going. It's not going to be a trip to Disney, that's for sure.

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