Thursday, April 02, 2009


A quick note for anyone who's emailed me... sorry I haven't gotten back to you. After that last blog post I did here, I found myself in the emergency room. Nine hours and a slew of tests.

It's been one of those weeks.

They still don't know what's wrong with me, though I'm feeling better now. I'm trying to take it easy.

Which means I've just been concentrating on the day job and the big project due on Monday and not much else. No energy left for anything else.

It really isn't fun having your health interrupted the day your book comes out.

But on a more interesting note, I got to study the ER. For nine hours. It was a fascinating study, especially after compared to the hospital I'd visited in Haiti two weeks ago. One of the tests I had was a CAT scan. They make you drink icky fluid with iodine in it and then take "slices" of your body.

A CAT scan is something hospitals in Haiti don't have. I think there may be one, or even two, in the whole country.

I don't ever take medical care for granted anymore, not since I started traveling to Third World countries.

On a brighter note, Tiger is holding his own with the cancer. I have a great dog food recipe I make each week and he loves it. Dolce is his usual "letmeplaywithtoyohboychasethetoyfunfunfunchase
chaseigottapeenow" self. I'm so glad he's in our lives.

I think tomorrow is my turn to blog over at Lori Devoti's blog, where she's doing a full moon of werewolves. Click here to access Lori's blog.
Be sure to stop by and leave a comment! She's giving away about $100 worth of books. Wow!

I tell you, having an Egyptian historical out at the same time you have a werewolf short story release can get pretty confusing. If my Khamsin warriors get hairy and start howling, don't blame me...

Til later! I'm going to go feed the Dolce and then watch TV on the couch.


Patti O'Shea said...

Hugs, Bonnie! I hope they find out what's wrong and that you're 100% again soon.


Mary Ricksen said...

I know you'll do well with both releases. But good luck anyways.
I am so glad your baby dog is doing better. I have lost five dogs to the dreaded cancer and I know how it can be. They are here for so short a time, it's just not fair.
But most of all. I hope that you find out there is nothing worse wrong with you, then being overworked, Bonnie.
We need you, take care of yourself.

Pamela Clare said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, Bonnie! I hope they figure out what's wrong and get you back on your feet 100 percent again, soon! I'm glad Tiger is holding his own. I hope you get some rest!!!

And congrats on the release of THE LADY AND THE LIBERTINE!


Gillian Layne said...

Bonnie, with the day job and an extra project there wouldn't be time for more even if you felt better! Be good to yourself!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks, everyone, for your concern! Today is a better day!