Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Draicon werewolves

Baylor and Katia's story is DONE! HURRAY!!!

What a relief... hope my editor likes it.

I really wanted to write their story after The Empath, and the Nocturne Bites line is a perfect way to slide in a short about their romance, because they do have one. Katia turned out to be a very interesting Draicon.

Now for Baylor... this pix is how I imagine him. He's got a curly head of hair, a leanly muscled body and he's all action... doesn't he look like he's ready to spring into a wolf?

Just a few edits and their story is ready to send off. Then I'm taking a short break and then switching gears back to the next Egyptian book, due in, gulp, seven weeks.

No rest for this writer...


Jeffrey said...


Baylor is hot, hot, hot. :) And of course we can't wait for the next Egyptian book.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks so much, Jeffrey! Baylor turned out to be a very intriguing character, much more tender and heroic towards Katia than what was seen in The Empath. He acted like an ass at times toward Nicolas in The Empath and it was fun to show his other side.