Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today's thought

Now that I'm done with typesets for the Dec. werewolf Nocturne...

Pa janm palé lougarou mal dévan moun.


Jennifer Ashley said...

Bonnie: You are a tease! Posting last week about "good news" and then nothing. LOL

BTW, I've pre-ordered Empath, and I'm dying to see the cover. I wish they'd put it up on Amazon or B&N. I'm so excited about that book.

Congrats on getting your page proofs in and good luck on everything--I was reading your posts below and they're heartbreaking. I can't believe in a world of plenty people die of starvation. (I mean, I believe it, but it's just wrong.)

When you get your Nocturn cover, please post! *BWG*

Gillian said...

Bonnie, thank you, thank you SO much for my book!! I've blown off everything today and just read--and that has been a real pleasure, since I'm back to work tomorrow (school calendar).

Congrats on your proofs! Noctourn is next on my list :)