Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurricane Dean

I'm really worried about the islands where we work. Dean is now a cat. 2, may be a cat 4 when it brushes the DR and Haiti and Jamaica may take a direct hit. We're sending a team down to Jamaica tomorrow to be on the island Sunday when it hits. We'll be standing by to send emergency relief supplies like food, water, etc.

Hopefully the island won't get a direct hit, but it doesn't look so good right now.

I have this horrible feeling it will be bad. Very bad. Any time a hurricane even brushes Haiti, there are floods and mudslides. People die. A lot of people may die from this one, in Haiti and Jamaica. I hope I'm wrong. It's very weird because I'm so damned relieved we're not getting it here here in S. Florida and yet I'm watching the news with this same terrible sinking feeling I had when Katrina passed us and slammed into New Orleans. Like watching a slow moving disaster in the works.

For now, all I can do is sit, watch, wait. And pray. I hope it won't be bad.

But I have that sinking feeling it will be. Very very bad.


Gillian said...

It is a special kind of horror to watch a disaster in slow motion and be able to do nothing to stop it.

We live in tornado ally, just a part of life, and we knew the entire day before a massive storm system hit that it was coming. Then we stood in the front yard and watched it skim our town only to demolish the town 8 miles away. And as you said, all you can do is be there to help pick up the pieces.

I'll keep my fingers crossed....

Bonnie Vanak said...

That's scary Gillian. Tornadoes are horrible because there is no warning.

Keep those fingers crossed!