Saturday, August 18, 2007

A calm ocean here...

We're in Melbourne for the weekend; had a free room at the Hilton and it's DH's birthday. Here's the view from our room...

It's very quiet and peaceful here. I'm so thankful we're out of Hurricane Dean's path, but I keep thinking about Jamaica and Haiti, though. Jamaica is going to take a direct hit, unless some miracle happens. And the storm will be a cat. 5 when it hits.

Loss of life, huge property damage.

I hope our guys who were supposed to head down there this morning are going to be okay. I just read that the Hilton is taking all the guests and putting them into the ballroom for safety.

I keep thinking about all the projects we have there on the island, and our huge warehouse, and all the people... and the storm surge... the flooding will be horrible.

By tomorrow we'll know for sure. It's very odd to sit here, look at how peaceful and calm the ocean is and know that far south of me, it's a far different story.

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