Friday, August 10, 2007

Burn Notice

They're filming today on the 14th Street causeway, where DH and I crossed over last night to eat dinner at a bar on the beach we like. They're going to blow something up. Cool. Wish I could go there and watch, but I have a book due. Last night was wonderful. We ate dinner and went for a walk on the beach. The water was deightfully warm, lapping at our ankles and the breeze was refreshing. It wasn't even hot.

Burn Notice is my new favorite show. It's great seeing the S. Florida scenery looking resplendent. I can pick out various settings and places.

Next month I'm going to Jamaica and a very violent slum. There was a church caretaker murdered there a few days ago. Who knows why. It's too dangerous to go there now because of elections, which means all the gangs are out in full force. I'm going there to interview a priest about how we're helping him try to change the area by building homes for poor families. Hopefully things will be calm by then, but at least I'll have turned in the Dorchester book so if I get shot, I don't have to worry about that deadline.

I can see it now, me in the slum yelling at the gunmen, "Don't shoot me! I'm on deadline." Priorities, you know.


Gillian said...

Good grief, Bonnie, please be careful! I'm thinking those guys might not care about your deadlines as much as we do :)

CherylStJ said...

Yes, I LOVE Burn Notice! Last week's was great!

Thanks for posting a link to Petticoats and Pistols.