Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Romance v.s. real life

Romance is the sweep of desert wind across the plain, the proud stance of a warrior surveying his dry kingdom.
Reality is the sweep of the Hoover over the rug because DH just tracked in mud.

Romance is a Khamsin warrior's dark gaze burning into the heroine, making her tremble with anticipation.
Reality is the dog staring at me when I'm trying to write a love scene.

Romance is Tarik gently wiping away Fatima's tears after she's had a disturbing psychic vision.
Reality is me sighing as I clean up the carpet because I couldn't forsee the dog was about to yark.

Romance is Tarik telling Fatima, "Surrender now, Tima. We will be lovers. This I promise."
Reality is DH telling me at 5 p.m., "Hey, I promised Robert we'd have dinner with him tonight. Forgot to tell you."

Romance is a fierce Khamsin warrior, devoted to his lady, vowing to protect her to the last drop of his blood.
Reality is the roofer vowing to take every last drop of our money, and yeah, we'll start in 4-5 weeks.


Mary Stella said...

I LOVE this blog post, Bonnie! Oh yeah, I can feeeeel the difference and would rather be lost with Tarik in the sand dunes somewhere.

Pamela Clare said...

Hmm, yeah. I would sleep with him. But WHY can't the reality we writers experience be more like our books!

Sandy J said...

I just had to comment on that 'HOT' and 'beautiful' Warrior pic. Have read all your books and loved each one and have shamelessly been promoting them!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Mary! yeah, I'd rather be lost with Tarik as well... instead of getting lost in Guatemala as I'm sure I'll be doing next week, lol.

Hey Pamela! Reality? What's that? I know that's why you and I both write!

Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for stopping by, so glad you love my books and thanks for spreading the word!