Monday, February 27, 2006

New Yawk, New Yawk, it's a hellava town

Mixed feelings about this weekend... sad my uncle died, but delighted to see my cousins again and my other uncle, who is very sharp and doing great. Ah, New YAWK! Queens! Manhattan! those accents! A rush of nostalgia came over me when I heard my cousin say, "We can wok from heah." It was wonderful! How much I've missed hearing that!

Will post more on the weekend later. In the meanwhile, had to show off my cover. YAY! I LOVE it! I went to Dorchester's offices in Manhattan and chatted with Leah, the nicest person, for a long while as my editor was out. And I got a scan of my cover! My heart raced. It's perfect, especially with the back cover copy, which reads like this:

Red hair, the color of blood. Green eyes, the color of emeralds. And that face, that body — the memory threatened to consume him. True, he was a dangerous man, accepted back to the ton despite his upbringing. But there were those who dared oppose him, and in certain ways he remained untried. In his dreams, this woman threatened all he sought to protect, all he thought to hide. She was more perilous even than the ancient treasure that would draw him back to Egypt, back to the shifting sands where he’d been raised: This woman would uncover his heart.

Take a look at that guy on the cover. It looks like he's VERY protective of something... which he is. His heart.

More later. I have to wake up now.


Mary Stella said...

Bonnie, I LOVE that cover. Wow!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks so much, Mary Stella! Glad you like it!