Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Erotic romance & funerals

My Uncle Ed died yesterday. I wish so much I had gone up to NY last year to see him and everyone. Now it's too late. I'm going to his funeral this weekend. This photo was taken in the 1930's of my Uncle Ed, my dad, and my Uncle Don. Ironically, my dad was born the same year as the romance I'm currently writing - 1919.

USA Today had a big article on erotic romance as a new market. Yeah, hello? Old news, people. Oh yeah, today I got my contract for the new werewolf book from Ellora's Cave. I really like this book. Very, very sexy. It was challenging going from writing about sexy werewolves to sexy desert warriors. I keep wanting to have Tarik howl at the moon.

I'll be gone a few days, not blogging. Why is it we always wait until it's too damn late to realize family isn't always going to be around forever?

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Mary Stella said...

Tarik can howl at the moon on my porch any night he chooses. *g*