Thursday, April 28, 2005

RT and hunks

So here I am in St. Louis, at RT. It's been two years since my last RT convention (gosh that sounds like a confession.) I'm not as overwhelmed as my first, when I was a virgin. Now I'm an experienced RT "ho," i know just what to do. Got here last night, met up with some people (found the bar!) and having a good time.

I love meeting people at RT. It's always so relaxed, friendly and laid back, and it's fun to talk with everyone. I have my notes all set for my hot hunk workshop tomorrow. But i haven't seen any cover models yet. Maybe I need my contacts cleaned or something. I will keep looking. I will not give up.


Anonymous said...

And take photos--lots and lots of photos--when you do see them. The male ones only, please!


Bonnie Vanak said...

Here you go Janet, just for you!